Assisted Stretching

At MSK ProHealth Centers, we understand the importance of flexibility and mobility for overall health. Our Assisted Stretching department is designed to help you achieve your fullest potential in movement and comfort.

What is Assisted Stretching?

Assisted stretching is a therapeutic technique where a trained practitioner helps individuals perform stretches to improve flexibility, range of motion, and overall well-being. At MSK Prohealth Centers, our skilled professionals use gentle manipulation and targeted movements to release tension and promote relaxation. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels, assisted stretching offers personalized sessions tailored to individual needs and goals.

assisted stretching session, the tech is helping the client stretch out their piriformis muscle

Assisted Stretching offers several health benefits

Improved flexibility and range of motion

Enhanced muscle recovery and performance

Reduction in muscle tension and soreness

Improved posture and alignment

Increased circulation and stress relief

What to Expect

Our Approach
Our trained Stretchologist uses a series of targeted stretches tailored to your body's needs. We focus on combining traditional stretching techniques with the latest methods to ensure effective and safe sessions.
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Service Details
Each session is carefully curated for your specific needs, whether you're an athlete, dealing with chronic pain, or simply seeking to improve your overall flexibility. Sessions typically last between 25-50 minutes and are conducted in a relaxing, supportive environment.
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Who Can Benefit
Assisted Stretching is for everyone – from athletes looking to improve performance to office workers seeking relief from sedentary lifestyles. It's an essential part of any wellness routine, regardless of age or fitness level.
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